what's on

List of Events

  1. Dom Joly: The Conspiracy Tour

    Thu 29 February, 7:30pm

  2. Four Seasons by Little Bulb

  3. The Band Back Together by Barney Norris

  4. Kaleidoscope by Filskit Theatre

  5. White Logo with red text: Off the kerb
    White Logo with red text: Off the kerb

    Stand-Up Comedy Club

  6. Bring Your Own Baby Comedy Club

  7. Cracking by Shôn Dale-Jones

    Fri 15 March, 7:00pm

  8. Fleetwood Bac

    Fri 15 March, 8:30pm

  9. The Blackheart Orchestra

    Sat 16 March, 8:00pm

  10. Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

    Sun 17 March, 2:00pm

  11. Unseen Artists


  12. Ordinary People: The Farnham Musical

    Sat 23 March, 7:00pm

  13. Mixed Metaphor Media's Spring Equinox: Empty Trains New Album Launch

    Sat 23 March, 8:00pm

  14. Will Todd's Mass in Blue - Waverley Singers

    Sun 24 March, 6:00pm

  15. Paul Foot: Dissolve

    Wed 27 March, 8:00pm

  16. Matt Chorley: Poll Dancer

    Thu 28 March, 7:30pm

  17. Free Sharing: Binary Opposition by Reckless Sleepers


    Fri 05 April, 4:30pm

  18. Crockodogopig by trickyart

  19. Open Mic Night

    Wed 10 April, 8:00pm

  20. Fresh From the Fringe

    Fri 12 April, 7:30pm

  21. The Selfish Giant by Tiny & Tall Productions

  22. Mad Dog Mcrea

    Sat 13 April, 8:00pm

  23. Bumper Blyton by The Make 'Em Ups

    Fri 03 May, 7:30pm

  24. The Freshwater Five by Deadman


    Fri 10 May, 7:30pm