Farnham Maltings is a pioneering cultural organisation based in South West Surrey with a regional, national and international reach

Farnham Maltings is many things. For over fifty years we have operated as an arts and cultural centre presenting a programme of performance, craft showcases and participation work which contributes to the town’s quality of life. Over the past ten years, we have also cared for the Museum of Farnham. We make our own theatre for communities across the south east, as well as producing and investing in a cohort of the region’s leading theatre companies.

Our ambition in leading the house southeast theatre network of 180 arts centres and theatres is to ensure that the southeast of England thrives as a set of creative communities. Through, caravan we present the best theatre being made in England to an international audience with the ambition to develop reciprocity and exchange between artists and producers across the world.

As an organisation we are curious about how to encourage generosity, build on Farnham’s reputation for crafts and meet the challenges facing towns across our region.

Farnham Maltings aspires to be: Collaborative and Courageous, always with Integrity