School Loan Boxes


We have a variety of handling artefacts and replicas available to hire

Bring your project to life in the classroom by hiring one of our loan boxes. All boxes are linked to the curriculum and come with notes and additional resources and information.

Many of the objects lend themselves to handling sessions, of which there is guidance. As a result, they do not have information labels attached, since this can limit exploration and deduction by those using them.

Each box costs £15 and is loaned out for a period of three weeks. All boxes must be collected from the museum's front desk during normal opening hours (10am-4pm, Wednesday to Saturday). Boxes should be returned on or before the due date, to enable us to honour bookings made by other schools and groups.

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Photo of Emily Maskell smiling in her garden.

For loan box enquiries, please contact Emily.

Emily Maskell

Learning & Community Engagement Officer