Museum Collections

we hold a collection of around 20,000 objects relating to Farnham and its surrounding area

A display case showing artifacts of The Stuarts and information about Farnham castle.

The basis of the museum collection is social history material found in, produced in, or closely associated with, Farnham and its surrounding villages. These collections are divided broadly into the areas of Archaeology, Archives, Fine Art, Textiles and Social History.

Our collections are at the core of the Museum’s programme of activities, exhibitions, school sessions and loan box service within and outside the Museum building. The museum also uses its collections to provide opportunities for lifelong learning for locals, visitors and researchers from all over the world.

object donations

After many decades of collecting, the museum has made the decision to place a temporary pause on acquiring new items. This will be reviewed in January 2024. This period will allow the museum to work on a number of projects to improve our collections management, make our collection more accessible, and review and update our policies.

Any unsolicited items for donation will not be accepted during this time, and drop-offs without appointment will not be considered. In very limited cases, exceptions may be made for objects of significant historical importance. If you still wish for your objects to be considered, please contact Enquiries will be evaluated four times a year.

research enquiries

We are currently unable to support research requests or provide access to our collections or archives, unless in exceptional circumstances. This will be reviewed in January 2024. Self-guided visits to the local studies library are welcome.