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Funding awards of £2000-£7000 to seed a new piece of theatre

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We want to support arts venues in our South East towns to create new popular theatre experiences for their town, in their community and importantly, outside of their venue.

We are looking to invest in the production of new work which connects with those who may not regularly engage with theatre in our towns, work that is enticing and relevant and work that plays with new forms.

This might encompass site-specific work or theatre that doesn’t look like theatre; it might be based in variety, comedy, magic or maybe roller skating!

The work could take place in market squares, care homes, cafes or swimming pools, but it should be work that brings a little joy and can rekindle an appetite for contemporary, popular entertainment.

We are looking to make a small number of investments of £2000-£7000 to seed ideas for new work that seeks to achieve these ambitions.

Longer term we’d hope to support the most successful of these projects, alongside the producing venue to visit further town locations across the South East.


We expect lead applicants to be arts venues, libraries or museums partnering with an artist or company. It maybe that an idea includes working with less traditional partners such as football clubs, walking groups, playgroups or hairdressers.

We’re particularly interested to hear from new venue and artist partnerships and from some of our smaller venues who may be new to producing this type of project.

Download guidance notes and application form

All proposals should be accompanied with an outline budget and submitted by email to: katy.potter@farnhammaltings.com

Closing date for submissions is 9am Wednesday 13 April 2022

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by Friday 6 May 2022

Proposals will be selected by a small curatorial panel and decisions will be based on:

  • the artistic idea
  • the approach to engaging new audiences, both its practicality and authenticity
  • the depth of the partnership and how far the project supports mutual ambitions

Please also complete this equal opportunities form when you submit your application

Sign off

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If you’d like to talk to us about your idea and application at any stage, please email Katy Potter, Producer and we’ll arrange a phone call.

Katy Potter