Why do we charge a booking fee?
We want to provide the best and most convenient ticket booking service for our customers. To make this possible it takes considerable resource, both in terms of staffing and investment in new Box Office technologies. The booking fee enables us to ensure that you will enjoy the best possible customer experience when you buy tickets from us, now and in the future, as well as helping to support the work that we do.

Why not just add the fee to the price of your tickets?
Similar to all regional venues like Farnham Maltings, the price of a ticket is shared between us and the producer of the show, with the majority of income going to the producer. Therefore, we would need to make significant increases to the price of tickets to retain the same amount as the booking fee that we now charge.

How will you know what booking fees you are being charged?
We have worked to ensure that our booking fee is as transparent as possible, and meet the requirements of relevant legislation, so that you can clearly see what you are being charged when you book with us. When booking in person, our staff will make you aware of these fees before you start the purchasing process and will summarise this again before you pay. Our online system lists the total price of each ticket and the booking fee is added separately. Our brochure and other printed materials also clearly list these fees.


If you have any further questions about our booking fee policy, please contact the Finance Manager at finance@farnhammaltings.com.