1.All bookings are subject to the Maltings’ standard procedures. Hirers must complete a Booking Form outlining the details of their Event. Subject to availability of space these details will be confirmed in a Contract which will be subject to these Terms and Conditions.
2. All bookings are considered provisional until the Contract is signed and returned with the appropriate deposit.
3.The Maltings reserves the right to move bookings to a suitable alternative location if required.
4.The Maltings reserves the right to refuse any application for hire and to refuse admission to any person at its absolute discretion without giving any reason for refusal.
5.The Maltings reserves the right of entry to any event.
6.The Maltings reserves the right to make reasonable changes to the Terms and Conditions including the right to amend hire charges. Hirers will be liable to pay the rate applicable on the Event Date and are responsible for ensuring they have up to date copies of the Maltings’ terms and conditions.
7. Venue hire is restricted to the purpose and organisation set out in the Contract and no charges of any sort may be made by the hirer for admission to the Maltings without the Maltings’ express permission.

Conduct and Damage

8. All Hirers are expected to maintain good order during the course of their event and have consideration for other hirers and surrounding residents and the Maltings reserves the right to terminate the hire forthwith in the event of disorderly conduct. Any relevant legal obligations and restrictions (e.g. relating to licensing) must be observed at all times.
9. Hirers should note that fly posting is a criminal offence and if enforcement action is taken against the Maltings, the Hirer will be joined as a party to the proceedings and the Maltings will seek full recovery of any fine and legal costs.
10. The Maltings reserves the right for its authorised representatives or for the police to access all parts of the premises for the purposes of preserving good order.
11. The Hirer is responsible for all loss or damage to persons or property which occurs as a direct result of their event and agrees to indemnify the Maltings against any claims which may arise. Hirers are required to take out their own liability insurance.

Accessing and Leaving the Premises
12. Hirers are under an obligation to include sufficient time to access and leave the premises within their booking. Additional charges may be incurred if the agreed contract times are not adhered to.
13. Hirers are responsible for the removal of all refuse, materials and other equipment relating to their Event and will be liable for any additional clearance costs incurred by the Maltings.
14. Hirers are not permitted to affix any materials or articles, including advertising, to the fabric of the building without the express prior permission of the Maltings.
15. Hirers are not permitted to move any of the fixtures and fittings between rooms without permission.


16. Catering is provided exclusively by our nominated caterers and no outside bar or catering services are permitted on the premises unless expressly agreed by the Maltings.
17. All costs relating to the event, including catering costs, will be invoiced by the Maltings but Hirers should note that their contractual relationship is with the caterer for all catering services.
18. Final numbers must be confirmed no later than seven working days before the Event Date.
19. Our nominated caterers will apply additional terms and conditions.

Health and Safety

20. The Hirer is responsible for keeping a record of the number of attendees at their event which is to be made available to the Maltings upon request. Hirers must ensure that the maximum capacities for each room are not exceeded.
21. No person other than a duly authorised representative of the Maltings shall extinguish the lights or otherwise interfere with the lighting.
22. No disco smoke, vapour producing machines or naked flames are permitted within the building.
23. Hirers must familiarise themselves with current fire and emergency procedures.
24. Where an event, in the reasonable opinion of the Maltings, requires a security presence, the Hirer shall be responsible for bearing the charges of the Maltings’ nominated security form.
25. The Central Courtyard is to be used for unloading and collection only and the fire exits are not to be blocked under any circumstances.
26. The Hirer shall notify a representative of the Maltings immediately of any accident or injury which has taken place at their Event.

Payment Terms

27. All payments should be made in favour of the Farnham Maltings Association Limited. A 40% non-returnable deposit is payable in order to secure the booking. The 40% will be calculated from the estimated room hire charge plus catering, other equipment and personnel hire charges. This is payable within two weeks of the provisional booking being made. The Maltings reserves the right to request a further deposit against accidental loss or damage. The balance is payable on invoice which shall be issued on or after the Event Date.
28. Bookings cancelled or postponed within 14 days of the Event Date shall be liable to a cancellation fee equivalent to 100% of the hire charges.
29. Interest shall be charged on overdue payments at 4% above Bank base rate.
30. All payments shall be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.
31. Where Hirers use the Maltings’ Box Office service, monies due from ticket sales will be paid in the month following the Event Date, subject to deductions for service charges and any commission due on ticket sales.
32. Room hire prices are subject to an increase in line with inflation in April each year.

Intellectual Property

34. The Maltings has been designated as a ‘Significant Venue’ by the Performing Rights Society (‘PRS’) and Hirers are responsible for copyright fees for any music performed or broadcast at the Maltings. The Maltings recoups PRS costs from Hirers who must complete a PRS form where applicable.
35. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that their Event does not infringe copyright and indemnify the Maltings against any charges arising from their breach of copyright.