Rosie Holt: That's Politainment!

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The worse the political career, the more lucrative the subsequent entertainment opportunities.

Hope is not totally lost for British politics as Rosie Holt takes this brand-new show on the road, to tightrope the thin line between politics and entertainment.

Matt Hancock may have slaughtered millions but now he’s making a killing. So, can Rosie Holt’s viral hit MP character follow in the footsteps of ‘politainers’ Dorries, Farage and Rees-Mogg and leap from the pages of Hansard to Heat? You will have to come along to Rosie’s political rally to find out.

4 Stars

A pinpoint portrayal of the personae manifesting our national psyche

The Observer

4 Stars

A character comedy treat

Time Out

Rosie is an acclaimed comedian, actor and satirist, whose popular videos on social media have achieved more than 6.5 million views. She is the host the podcast Noncensored, and has been seen/heard on The Russell Howard Hour (Sky Max), and BBC Radio 4’s The News Quiz, DM’s Are Open, and Ashley Blaker 6.5 Children, among many other credits.