Meditations to Reduce Stress & Anxiety

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Sat 19 October, 10:30am

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Buddhist nun, Gen Nyingpo, will explain methods to respond to life’s challenges with a peaceful, positive attitude enabling our ordinary problems and difficulties to fall away.

Training in meditation is an effective way to increase our mental freedom. During this course you will explore methods to face life with clarity, inner strength, and profound peace. Everyone is welcome to this event, no experience of meditation required.

About the speaker

Gen Kelsang Nyingpo is an English Buddhist nun and is based at Kadampa Meditation Centre in Reading. She visits the Maltings several times each year offering meditation courses to the people of Farnham and the surrounding area. Gen Nyingpo has a wealth of experience having been ordained as a Buddhist nun for nearly 30 years and taught for many years both in the UK and overseas. The sessions are light and Gen Nyingpo teaches in a down to earth manner.

This is a hired event. Find more details about Gen Nyingpo and her practice here.