Creative Business Programme Mentors

Creative Business Programme

The CBP is fortunate to be supported by a group of mentors, who offer their time and knowledge in regular one-to-one meet-ups with their mentee. The mentors come from a variety of backgrounds including experienced artists, entrepreneurs, professionals from local museums and galleries and academics both from UCA and other institutions.

  • Ali Tomlin

    Artist, Ali Tomlin Ceramics
  • Caroline Molloy

    Programme Director for Fine Art and Photography, UCA
  • Denise Jaques

    Artist, Mosaic Happy
  • Heather Thomas

    Head of Learning and Engagement, The Lightbox, Woking
  • Jennie Kimberley-Bowen

    Innovation Business Developer, UCA
  • Kas Williams

    Mixed Media Artist
  • Kia Cannons

    Purpose Coach and Intuitive Artist
  • Loucia Manopoulou

    Gallery Curator, UCA
  • Mark Brill

    Senior Lecturer in Advertising and Branding, UCA
  • Pikke Kontio-Blunt

    Visiting Lecturer at Bayes Business School, City University London
  • Pippa Hufton

    Artist, Pippa Hufton Jewellery and Craft Town Coordinator
  • Robert Goldsmith

    Artist, Selborne Pottery
  • Sam Whistlecroft

    Director, Beetle Juice Events and VYCS Ltd
  • Sarah Jarvis

    Head of Learning and Engagement, Watts Gallery
  • Teresa Havaas

    Senior Lecturer in Creative Business Management, UCA

The CBP Mentor programme was developed and is delivered with support from UCA.