Staff and trustees

who we are

Farnham Maltings has a skilled, knowledgeable and committed team with around 50 permanent staff

Our team

  • Middle-aged man with short dark hair with sunglasses atop his head

    Peter Glanville

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Lynsey Luthra

    Executive Director

Theatre Producing

  • A head shot of Katy Potter smiling

    Katy Potter

    Senior Producer
  • A head-shot of Katy Snelling looking away

    Katy Snelling

    Buckinghamshire Community Touring Producer
  • Young man with short blond hair with a huge smile on his face

    William Arnold

  • Gina Thorley

    Producer (Programming & Artist Development)
  • Head and shoulders shot of a woman with long brown hair wearing glassees

    Eloise Talbot-Hammond

    Theatre Administrator
  • Woman with short, straight brown hair grinning straight at the camera

    Maria Rayner

    Coordinator - Imagination Spaces
  • Headshot of Jonathon Summers-Mileman

    Jonathon Summers-Mileman

    house Audience Development Manager
  • Young woman wearing a chunky knit scarf

    Meghan Cosgrove

    house Administrator
  • Head shot of Mark Makin smiling

    Mark Makin

    Touring Associate for house
  • Sam Wood

    International Development Manager
  • Sophia Victoria

    International Projects Producer

Community Engagement

  • A photo of Erin Beesley smiling

    Erin Beesley

    Community Producer (social & wellbeing)
  • Head and shoulders image of a woman with short hair wearing a black top


    Community Producer (children & young people)
  • Samantha Fullbrook

    Community Coordinator

Craft Team

  • Head shot of Jo Connolly smiling

    Jo Connolly

    Craft Coordinator
  • Caroline Pearce wearing a black and white checked top with pink lines.

    Caroline Pearce

    Craft Coordinator
  • A lady with long dark hair, wearing blue dungarees and a pink blouse

    Madeleine Harding

    Craft Coordinator

Programming and Marketing

  • A head shot of Sophie Easterbrook smiling

    Sophie Easterbrook

  • Alice Morgan

    Programming Administrator
  • Sarah George with brown hair, a fringe and green eyes smiles

    Sarah George

    Communications & Marketing Officer
  • A headshot of Kate Lambert smiling

    Kate Lambert

    Front of House Manager / Monthly Market Manager
  • A woman wearing an orange and black t-shirt sits on a low wall smiling

    Jackie Kirk

    Box Office Assistant
  • A photo of Judith Needham wearing glasses, a green snood and black glasses, smiling in front of a wooden background.

    Judith Needham

    Box Office Assistant
  • Suzie Petcher

    Box Office Assistant
  • A photo of Ali Molan smiling with a glass of wine.

    Alison Molan

    Box Office Assistant

Venue Operations and Catering

  • A head shot of Sara Lee turned, smiling.

    Sara Lee

    Operations Manager
  • A smiling lady with below shoulder length dark coloured hair.

    Paula Barratt

    Bar & Catering Manager
  • A head shot of Caroline Dinning smiling outside

    Caroline Dinning

    Venue Coordinator
  • Man with dark hair, wearing sunglasses on his head, looking towards the ground

    Ben Rayner

    Technical Manager
  • Allan Wood

    Technical Supervisor
  • Victoria Shillingford smiling.

    Victoria Shillingford

    Deputy Bar & Catering Manager
  • Sarah Bath

    Operations Administrator
  • Ian Silver smiling outside farnham maltings

    Ian Silver

    Catering Supervisor
  • Emily Holder

    Bar & Catering Assistant
  • A head shot of Chris Thompson smiling.

    Chris Thompson

    Senior Duty Officer
  • A head shot of Barry Taylor

    Barry Taylor

    Duty Supervisor
  • Head shot of Ian Garnett smiling

    Ian Garnett

    Duty Officer
  • Nico Argenti standing on a beach in a jumper and leather jacket

    Nico Argenti

    Duty Officer
  • A headshot of Samuel Joliffe smiling

    Samuel Jolliffe

    Duty Officer

Finance and HR

  • Brice Hoskins

    Finance Manager
  • Picture of Rachel Bole smiling.

    Rachel Bole

    Finance Officer
  • Head shot of Sharon Swain smiling

    Sharon Swain

    Finance Officer
  • Headshot of a woman with long brown hair against a backdrop of foliage

    Rosie Bunnage

    HR Manager
  • Photo of a woman outside, smiling.

    Paula Cairns

    Executive Assistant

Museum of Farnham

  • Head shot of a woman smiling with shoulder length hair wearing a green dress

    Lauren Wayland

    Museum Operations Manager
  • Photo of Emily Maskell smiling in her garden.

    Emily Maskell

    Learning and Community Engagement Officer
  • A smiling, fair-haired woman wearing a white shirt and blue cardigan sitting in the Museum of Farnham.

    Clare Oliphant

    Learning Facilitator
  • A smiling young man with brown hair and glasses wearing a blue suit with a red tie.

    Ross Keel

    Collections & Exhibitions Officer

Our Board

Equal opportunities and Dignity at Work

We are committed to equal opportunities. You can download our policy statements on equal opportunities and dignity at work below. It is the responsibility of every employee, working on or off site, to ensure his or her own conduct conforms to the expected standards and reflects these policy statements. The aim of the policy is to encourage harmony and respect amongst individuals so as to promote good working practices with a view to maximising the performance and the return to Farnham Maltings and the employees.

Whistleblowing Procedure

We encourage a culture of honesty and dedication to the organisation’s visions and values. If a member of staff becomes aware of any criminal offence or other wrongdoing in the workplace, it should be reported immediately. In accordance with the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998, the Farnham Maltings has instituted a system for reporting information which in your reasonable belief points to a wrongdoing at work.