Urth Yarns

Urth Yarns is a small family-run business based in Turkey. We have been active in the local yarn industry for five decades. What started out in 2017 as a tiny family-members-only operation, today is an extended family with the addition of skillful artisans and talented team members.

As Urth Yarns, we’ve dedicated ourselves to producing exquisite quality hand dyed yarns. We enjoy developing new dyeing techniques to offer a fresh new approach to making colourways.

All our collections are crafted meticulously by the hands of talented women. We also strive to create the means to employ as many as we can through our sample-making program. These samples are displayed at shops and events.

In our mission to sustain and give back, we have partnered with Trees for the Future, helping them keep the planet clean and green by making sure our business is a means to that goal. Thanks to this vital collaboration, the sale of each skein of Urth Yarn plants a tree.