Ubie Chan

craft tutor
Craft tutor

Ubie is a UK based artist. Born and bred in Hong Kong, Ubie trained as a graphic designer. She has built her artistic skills in many areas and media including watercolour, acrylic and in product design.

In recent years, Ubie has developed a deep love for geometric art and especially Mandalas.

She loves the balance and symmetry of the structure and weaves in her graphic design skills to create beautiful works. Creating Mandalas is a very mindful, relaxing, almost spiritual pursuit and this sense of calm is present in all of her works.

When she is not creating her own art works, Ubie has run an art studio for nearly 20 years. She gains huge satisfaction from helping students of all levels tap into their creativity and watch their joy in learning new artistic skills!

You can see more about Ubie at her website ubiedesign.com or follow her on Instagram mandala_by_ubie_design