dance company
Hannah and Nadenh dancing together in the studio

resident artists

Stopgap Dance Company is driven by a diverse creative team who uses dance as a movement for change.

The company employ disabled and non-disabled artists who find innovative ways to collaborate. Their vision is to create an inclusive world where diversity is not just accepted but pursued, a world where no one is limited by prejudice against D/deaf, disabled, or neurodiverse people.

Working with an artform shaped by human touch and energised by the spark of connectivity, their productions demonstrate the compelling power of diversity and inclusivity. They move together to create a remarkable experience that transforms society’s perceptions of difference and dismantle the inequity of privilege, in dance and in all aspects of living, collaborating, and creating together as humans.

Stopgap is supported by Arts Council England as a National Portfolio Organisation.

Image description: A photo from the studio of a duet between Hannah and Nadenh. In his wheelchair, Nadenh leans down to cradle Hannah's head as she leans toward him from her seated position on the floor. Hannah is a learning-disabled dancer, she's white with blonde hair, she has her eyes closed. Nadenh is Cambodian, he has black hair tied up and a half-shaved head, he has a tattoo of a tiger on his left arm. They are in a wooden panelled studio, behind them lots of dancers in wheelchairs observe the scene.

Image Credit: Chris ParkesHann