Joey Toogood


Joey is an abstract expressionist painter; she predominantly works with water based acrylic paint to create abstract marks and body prints through performance and action. She prefers to work in monochromatic colours as her art focuses on the process and the mark that is made rather than the overall outcome. She uses her art like a visual diary that documents issues or influences that surround her. Within her own works, she chooses to create art in the nude as a way to explore the concept of using the body as a painting tool and as a way to desexualise the female nude form in art.

Joey Toogood was one of five young artists chosen to take part in a Residency in collaboration with Surrey Libraries as part of the Imagination Spaces Project.

During her residency, she will be creating abstract art by demonstrating different ways that marks can be made through a variety of mediums. Her intention is to encourage experimentation and offer others a new perspective on art; tests and happy accidents have the potential to create dynamic and exciting pieces.

Find Joey on instagram: jtoogood_art