Eli Delbaere

Fine artist

A fine artist with an expressionist edge inspired by the haunting, deviant vision of artists such as Egon Schiele and Francis Bacon, Eli Delbaere seeks to deconstruct the tradition of the nude by portraying genderless, animalistic bodies, open to personal readings. Their fragmentary nature can at once call to the poetic, incomplete beauty of classical statues, and mirror the complex way we all relate to our own flesh and blood. Eli’s goal within this residency is to transform the library into an accessible artistic hub, forging a diverse space where anyone can reflect on their own identity and creativity, via a series of workshops which will culminate in a group exhibition.

Eli was one of five young artists chosen to take part in a Residency in collaboration with Surrey Libraries as part of the Imagination Spaces Project.

Find Eli on instagram: eleanordel_belgique