riverside gallery exhibition: Robin Ellis

posted Fri 20 January 2023

News Story

The Riverside Café Gallery is delighted to welcome Robin Ellis with his solo exhibition, Somewhere in Time, available Fri 06 January - Thu 02 February 2023.

Robin’s influences are wide and often informed by travel, especially in Italy. He has interests in archaeology and theology, notably Native American art, Chinese and Indian art. Featuring a variety of mixed-media pieces, this collection demonstrates the range of skills Robin has gained as an artist over the years. Many of Robin’s latest pieces are mixed-media, using biro and pens enhanced with watercolour pencils to create detailed pieces. He also enjoys using paper-cutting and collage techniques.

Artist Bio

Robin has had a lifelong interest in art and craft. His childhood was spent drawing and making and at art school where he progressed to working on a wide range of art techniques and exploring art history. Around 12 years ago Robin joined a local art group which meet at his church. His art tutor Janet sparked his imagination, introducing him to various themes and techniques. Robin also runs a photography club at church which informs his work.

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