People’s Plan for Nature

posted Mon 03 October 2022

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Imagine it’s 2050 and nature in the UK is thriving – what is different from now? Join the UK’s biggest conversation about the future of nature.

Throughout October there will be a paper tree resident in the corner of the Farnham Maltings' foyer, as part of the People’s Plan for Nature, encouraging the public to consider the future of nature in the UK. The People’s Plan for Nature is a UK-wide initiative powered by WWF, the National Trust and the RSPB. The Maltings is one of 30 arts centres across the UK getting involved to host trees, spread the word and encourage participation.

Nature has inspired some of the greatest artists across the UK to create beautiful, exciting and impactful work. But nature is in crisis. This is why we are supporting People’s Plan for Nature – the biggest ever conversation about the future of nature in the UK. It will see people from across the country contributing ideas on what they love about nature, what needs to happen in order for nature to thrive and brilliant examples of projects happening now that is helping to protect nature.

In our foyer, you will find a People’s Plan for Nature tree, along with inspiration leaves. We invite you to add your thoughts to a leaf, hang it on the tree, and share it with the world. There is also a QR code to scan, where you can reply to a few questions and contribute further. Solving the nature crisis is a big challenge. That is why everyone in the UK needs to come together to think of bold new solutions - 67 million heads, in 4 countries, are better than one.

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"We’re delighted to host a People’s Plan for Nature tree, a small step in our commitment to Environmental Responsibility. There is a climate emergency and we have a responsibility to act and use our voice to make change for the better. A key part of this is listening to and learning from others. We can’t wait to see what our community say on the idea leaves!"

Lynsey Luthra, Executive Director (Farnham Maltings)

All of the responses received will help shape the People’s Assembly for Nature. Between November 2022 and February 2023, a representative group of 100 people from across the UK will come together to listen to what you’ve shared and hear from experts. Together, they will develop a set of recommendations and a plan to help protect and restore nature in the UK. In March 2023, the plan will launch, and will set out how the government, businesses, NGOs and communities can take action to tackle the nature crisis.

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