Maltings Meets: The Noise Next Door

posted Thu 14 January 2021

News Story

We always love catching up with the cheeky chaps from The Noise Next Door. We caught up with them to find out more about their experience on Britain’s Got Talent last year and what type of comedy they turn to when in need of some positivity.

Shot of the Noise Next Door performing - four men with microphones smiling

It was great to see you grace our tv screens last spring on Britain’s Got Talent. What was that experience like?

It was great… and then strange. The BGT audition and the response to it were both fantastic, we then found out the news that the semi finals and final would be filmed with no live audience so we took the difficult decision to remove ourselves from the competition… Our whole act is about reacting to a live audience – we just couldn’t see a way of making it work for us. The team at BGT were understanding and asked if we’d like to come back and do it again next year? Watch this space.

How have you adapted your shows to be performed in the current climate?

Our show is still going to be a chaotic cavalcade of off the cuff comedy! It hasn’t changed our show’s heart. A few things have had to change, of course. We can’t get audience members up on stage with us and there are a few more things to consider in preparation. In some ways though the new restrictions have forced us into being more creative in other avenues. There are new games and ideas that we’ve had in the build up to our socially distanced shows that we might never have had if it weren’t for the new guidelines.

Did lockdown bring new inspiration for sketches and how did you create a new show when in isolation?

During lockdown we spent a lot of time on conference calls writing and rehearsing as best we could, we even did a series of shows where we each called in from your own homes and did improv games remotely. The interesting challenges that this threw up actually led us to create several new skits and formats that have made it in to our upcoming live shows.

What have been some of the best audience suggestions you’ve ever had on stage?

The best audience suggestions are the ones that surprise us and catch off us guard. In one memorable family show one little girl really suprised us… We’d been asking for suggestions throughout the show and she had clearly got the measure of it. When we asked for a country she called back “Pick a letter!”. “B” we reply. After a pause she confidently shouts… “Canada!” We would love to know what system she was using.

As the old saying goes “laughter is the best medicine”. When you’re in need of some positivity, what comedy/comedian/sketch do you put on?

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Comedy can be so powerful and challenging and meaningful… But when the chips are down and you want to laugh, then something positive and funny for the sake of funny is our favourite thing to watch. There’s four of us, so we’ll pick four. The classic slapstick Mr Bean, the utterly silly Monty Python sketches, the heartwarming giggles of Parks and Recreation, and the straight up onslaught of energy and happiness from Lee Evans.

We look forward to welcoming back The Noise Next Door later this year. To see more from the lads, visit their website