maltings meets: Next Door Dance

posted Thu 10 February 2022

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All-female dance company, Next Door Dance are coming to Farnham Maltings with their laugh-out-loud show 'The Beautiful Game'. We caught up with cast members past and present to find out more about the show.

Can you tell us how the show came about?

As a company we all realised whether we were football fans or not we all had some sort of connection to football and we found that this was true for a lot of people, for me, it’s my dad, he is a huge football fan and I’ve grown up with the sound of football on in the background most weekends.

It also fascinated us that football fans can tell you the exact events that lead to a goal being scored and they always re-tell it with such passion and theatrics which we loved.

Laura Savage-Weeden

What do you want the audience to go away feeling about the experience?

I would like them to have the feeling of a warm cosy hug, and make them relive a memory of football and spark conversation about an experience they had.

Georgina Saunders

What is you link to football (if any)?

I always say my football career peaked in 2001 when I was 10 years old, I used to wear a matching white adidas tracksuit with bright pink football socks and my hair in a plait. I don’t know what position I used to play, I just remember running around like am mad person and I was quite competitively aggressive for my young age! In 2001 I also won player of the year where I got a brass trophy of a man!

Emily Thurston

Were you a football fan before the show or have you now become one?

I would say yes I was a fan before but the show has made me understand the game and everything that surrounds it more and now I notice more things about football when I’m watching a match.

Gemma Caseley-Kirk

What is your favourite part of the show so far?

Gold! The very last scene, I like the images that come together to make those final moments of celebration….. and I used to do Irish Dancing so I like the little Irish dancing bit in it.

Rachel Laird

We look forward to exploring the highs of lows of football with The Beautiful Game. Book tickets for Sat 19 February 2022 at 7.30pm, here.