riverside gallery exhibition: Clement Dubois

posted Sat 01 July 2023

News Story

The Riverside Café Gallery is delighted to welcome artist Clement Dubois with his exhibition Freedom, available to view from Fri 23 June to Fri 20 July 2023.

A self-taught painter working in acrylic and ink, Clement has created a collection of bold, colourful pieces which play with shapes and patterns through the different applications of the materials.

When painting, Clement attempts to push himself and further his knowledge. For him, as an artist, it is a challenging but rewarding endeavour to attempt to capture beauty in nature, objects, places and in his own imagination. Clement would love people viewing his work to have as many feelings, emotions and the same sense of freedom as he does creating it.

Artist Bio:

Clement was born in Paris in 1981. Growing up he was fascinated by film and found escape in them. He quickly started to enjoy them as an art form, admiring the techniques, the camera angles and the photography. After moving to London in his early twenties, Clement took courses at the London Film Academy and studied photography at the Saint Martin School.

A few years ago, for a variety of reasons life had become a struggle and at this point, Clement found himself admiring great film directors, alongside genius painters such as Kandinsky, Pollock and Dali. He found solace in expressing himself through painting, creating with his hands as well as his eyes. Clement dedicates this exhibition to his mother, Elisabeth.

If you want to learn more:

Clement is available to follow on Instagram @clementdubois_ar and all pieces on display are available for purchase. Please contact Jackie for any sale enquiries.