A bunch of thanks - 5000 daffodils!

posted Thu 04 February 2021

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Bunches of daffodils with a message attached saying "Thank you for everything you're doing. We think you're blooming great! From the community of Farnham"

On behalf of the wider community, the group behind Farnham Connects have organised a thank you to the local NHS staff by gifting bunches of daffodils.

At the most recent Farnham Connects, a regular virtual meeting of the voluntary and statutory sector that is coordinating the community response to COVID, a discussion ensued about the particular challenges facing front line health staff during this third lockdown. The group wanted to find a simple way of acknowledging the contribution that health staff are making and to show kindness in a time of relentless effort and dedication. They particularly wanted to reach not only the nurses and doctors but receptionists, cleaners, care home staff and pharmacists who are all working tirelessly to manage public expectation in difficult times.

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This is part of a bigger ambition to encourage kindness across the town, a thank you on behalf of the people of Farnham.

Pat Evans, Mayor of Farnham

On Thursday 04 February volunteers, many of whom have been involved in delivering prescriptions throughout the pandemic, have distributed flowers to hospital staff, every care home, doctors surgery and pharmacy in Farnham. The team used a set of covid-secure processes with the health and safety of everyone uppermost in their minds.

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There is something everyday about the daffodil which feels right because the people who care for us have been ordinarily extraordinary. This idea came together very quickly and, once again, we were hugely encouraged by the generosity of everyone we asked to help. We have had fantastic support from Volunteers, Castle Street Flowers and Em Space Design.

Gavin Stride, Director

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I just wanted to say a big thank you for generously giving all staff based at Farnham hospital a bunch of daffodils. This has really lifted everyone’s spirits.The staff really appreciate the gesture and I know will enjoy them over the coming days when they come in to bloom.

Fran Campbell, Head of Community Services, Frimley Health NHS

Thank you to the NHS. Take a look at the daffodil recipients below.