Exhibition: Greetings from Farnham! Postcards Through Time

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Wed 14 August, 10:00am

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Celebrate the iconic postcard and discover the changing face of 20th century Farnham.

Postcards have connected people for over 150 years. Before texts, emails and direct messages, postcards were a cheap, informal and quick way to communicate with others. In the early 20th century over 800 million postcards were sent every year, including many from Farnham.

The museum holds an extensive collection of historical picture postcards dating back over 120 years. These postcards were sent all over the world and featured popular scenes from the town including Farnham Castle, Waverley Abbey, Frensham, and Wrecclesham.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a range of hands-on activities including creating your own postcard and deciphering some of the handwritten messages on the back of our postcards.