maltings meets: Hannah Baxter-Eve

posted Fri 14 October 2022

News Story

farnham maltings has a thriving Youth Theatre with weekly sessions and performance opportunities for children and young people aged 8-25 years. We recently caught up with Hannah Baxter-Eve, who leads the Junior and Senior Maltings Youth Theatre groups.

Tell us a bit about yourself….

My name’s Hannah, I graduated from the Guildford School of Acting in 2017, and since then I’ve been working as an actor in theatre, on screen, voice over, and motion capture. I love the variety of jobs that come with a career in the performing arts, one day being on set for a commercial and the next being a goblin for a video game. I started teaching five years ago, recently returning to teach for the conservatoire GSA, and am really passionate about giving young people knowledge and access to the arts, that they may not get anywhere else.

What's your favourite acting job you've done so far?

That’s tricky, as I love having lots of variety in my work. One of my favourites has to be the theatre tour I did with a local theatre company 'This Is My Theatre.’ There is something incredibly unique about creating theatre with a wonderful group of people that you don’t get anywhere else. The camaraderie, the artistic satisfaction, the creative freedom. For me, the highs and lows you experience within theatre give the greatest levels of fulfillment as an actor and can often trump big budget screen work.

Why do you enjoy leading youth theatre?

I myself had a fantastic experience with youth theatre, it completely inspired me to pursue a career in acting. I believe youth theatre can give young people a sense of identity and community, at a time when they need it most. I feel really honoured to be able to support someone else's journey- whether that be creating a career, or life-long love of the arts. It’s such a privilege.

Tell us something surprising about you...

I am a bee-keeper! I am really passionate about the environment and promoting the importance of bees in our eco-system, we cannot live on this planet without them.