unravel... autumn: Seamless Transitions - Picking Up Stitches Demystified

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Fri 13 September, 1:00pm

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Learn the essential concepts of picking up stitches and the common pitfalls to avoid. You will be exploring different techniques for picking up stitches along various edges - vertical sides, horizontal edges, and even sloped or circular shapes.

With hands-on practice, you will refine your skills and master the art of smooth transitions in your knitting projects. You will also be covering a bonus method for that polished, professional finish, perfect for intricate projects or delicate edges. By the end of this workshop, you'll be able to pick up stitches with precision and finesse and improving the look of your knitted creations.

Suitable for knitters of all levels.

Materials required:

  • DK weight yarn in light colours
  • Needles suitable for chosen yarn for knitting flat

All other materials are included.