unravel... autumn: Foundation Crochet Stitches

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Fri 13 September, 1:00pm

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Make your crochet foundation row more even!

This method is helpful if you struggle to keep your chains the same size and useful when you need a stretchy foundation row, perhaps for a neckline. It is also a great technique to use if you need to start a piece which has lots of stitches, as you can just add or remove stitches and not worry if your chain was the right length to begin with.

Throughout the workshop you will learn how to work the basic foundation crochet stitches before trying some other examples including starting a ripple stitch pattern. We will also look at some example patterns so you can learn how to substitute foundation crochet stitches for a chain & row of stitches.

Suitable for intermediate crocheters who can confidently work the basic stitches; chain, double crochet & treble crochet.

Materials required:

  • A smooth, light-coloured DK weight yarn (you want to be able to see your stitches easily)
  • Appropriate hook size (4-5mm)