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“I wish I could have a garden of my own, but all I see out there is concrete and pavement and more concrete...”

Errol loves plants so much that he has them growing out of every pot, pan, and teacup he can find in his small flat. But he knows that plants need water, sunlight, and space. They need a garden.

Longing to give his plants a proper home, Errol and his sister Tia decide to transform their neglected rooftop into a beautiful community garden. But first, they must convince everyone in the flats to pitch in and help. Grumpy neighbours and garden pests may stand in their way, but Errol is determined to make his dream a reality.

Adapted from the award-winning book by Gillian Hibbs, Errol’s Garden is a fun interactive musical filled with catchy songs, imagination, and a passion for plants.

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