The Great Hall, Cellar Bar, Barley Room, South Wing, Dance Studio and Café are fully accessible by wheelchair users, and the Great Hall can accommodate up to five wheelchairs.

There is a fully accessible toilet for people with a disability and four dedicated parking spaces.

Guide dogs are welcome.

If you require assistance to enter and leave the building, you are requested to come with an able-bodied companion and you are entitled to buy two tickets for the price of one (subject to availability).

Please click here to download the Farnham Maltings Visual Story. This visual story aims to support children, young people, and adults with autism, communication difficulties, other learning disabilities and those with English as a second language. It can be used to help them access and understand their experience in the building.

Click here to view a digital copy of the current Farnham Maltings brochure, covering events and activities from January – April 2018. We also have a large print brochure, available at our box office.

Please make any of your requirements known at the time of booking so that we may help make your visit more enjoyable.