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a buddying initiative in Farnham, aiming to build sustainable friendships, foster neighbourliness and provide practical support

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The value of having good neighbours has become clearer than ever over the past year. Run by Farnham Maltings in partnership with Farnham Town Council, Farnham Neighbours’ Network is a voluntary support network, connecting people person-to-person. A single volunteer looks out for someone who lives close by to them, a neighbour.

Have you got a few hours to spare? Could you help someone who needs company or assistance with practical tasks? Perhaps you, or someone you know, could benefit from some extra neighbourly support?

Two neighbours who are part of the network might have social phone calls, or meet up in person. We are also encouraging people to consider assisting someone with learning how to use a new piece of technology, or helping with gardening or light DIY.

You can sign up to join the network as a volunteer, or you can get in touch with the Coordinator if you’re interested in being paired with a neighbour who could offer some support.

We are pairing neighbours based on three areas: proximity, interests or the support they are looking for or happy to give. We want to pair people who live close by to foster neighbourliness in the town and help people to better know those who live around them. When you know the person supporting you is only down the road you can feel better connected to the community as a whole. With pairings it will not always be possible to meet all three of these criteria, but as far as possible will aim to meet at least two.

All volunteers are DBS checked and provided with safeguarding training, and additional support to ensure the safety of all involved. We closely monitor government guidance on staying covid-secure and encourage relationships to adapt where necessary in order to stay compliant and safe.

Farnham Neighbours’ Network was set up following the national lockdown in Spring 2020. During the lockdown Farnham showed itself to be a tremendously generous town with care for its citizens. Farnham Maltings and Farnham Town Council saw an opportunity to build on this and ensure this town continued developing into a strong and happy community.

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If you would like to make use of the service, please contact the Coordinator using the details below.

Erin Beesley

Community Producer
01252 745428