Still House

dance company
Four dancers mid-jump, on an outdoor stage surrounded by an audience on all sides.

international associate artists

Still House makes performance events that span across dance, theatre, short film and audio recordings.

Dan Canham is the lead artist at Still House and he works collaboratively with a wide range of artists, performers and creatives for each of the company’s projects.

Still House works often involve dance and music as a way of revealing themselves to each other, to better understand each other and celebrate that which is different or overlooked.

Community is at the heart of the work – both the forming of temporary communities through the act of live performance, and a documentary approach in which the company engages with particular groups of people as a way of sharing unheard stories.

Guiding values and principles of the company include tenderness, heart, play, courage, joy, the recognition of loss and the protection of innocence.

Still House is produced by MAYK

Still House began making work in 2011 and in that time have toured throughout the UK and across the globe. International touring includes Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Czech Republic, Georgia, Italy, Switzerland, Estonia, France, Spain and Ireland,

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For enquiries and bookings, please contact Hannah.

Hannah Slimmon

International Producer