Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas

performance makers
One man in jeans and a pink shirt lifts another man in to the air.

produced artists

Recent recipients of the Forced Entertainment award in the UK, Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas have developed a strong reputation worldwide for making original, political theatre. Creating work in an age of austerity, and about austerity, their work is stripped right back and sits somewhere between live art and theatre, but if you held them against a wall they would probably say it’s theatre.

Using humour and the dynamics of their onstage relationship, Bertrand and Nasi undercut and explore the darker aspects of contemporary subjects in work that questions both their own – and the audience’s – role as ‘active’ spectators in global conflicts.

Together they first created the trilogy EUROHOUSE, PALMYRA and ONE which explored power dynamics and political themes on a micro, human level, and complex political and social questions – Greece’s relationship with the EU; the Syrian crisis; the rise of the ultra right – in an accessible, immediate form.

Recent projects include IT DON’T WORRY ME – a piece exploring political correctness across cultures with the Spanish Catalan company Atresbandes, and THE END – a dance piece made in collaboration with the choreographer Laura Dannequin, exploring the breakdown of their own working relationship set against the backdrop of an imminent climate catastrophe.

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Hannah Slimmon

International Producer
Image Credit: Alex Brenner