An interactive session looking at the home, work and school life of rich and poor children. This session can be held either at the Museum or in your school, and we can adapt the session for older or younger children.

Please get in touch for details:

Session at the Museum (all day)

  • Victorian Schoolroom
  • Drill
  • Writing with dip pens
  • Housekeeper’s Tour/Servants’ School
  • Victorian Mystery Objects: Children explore objects through drama and role play

Dressing Up – the Victorian schoolroom activity is always most effective and memorable when the children and staff (if possible) are dressed in Victorian-style clothes. For Girls – long skirts, white aprons, shawls and mop caps. For Boys – flat caps, shirts and waistcoats.

Cost: £4.50 per child. Minimum charge for class £99, includes cost of all materials

Outreach Session ( 1 hour)

A Victorian teacher will come in role to teach your class. Activities include:-

  • Victorian Etiquette
  • Handwriting practice on slates
  • Grammar
  • Money
  • Either a Geography or History lesson
  • Drill

Cost:- £75 for first session, 2nd and 3rd sessions booked on same day £60 each.

Mileage charged from Farnham