Learn about Anglo Saxon life in our hands-on, and object based session with opportunities to dress up as a Saxon, learn the skills of a Saxon warrior and excavate a Saxon burial.

Please get in touch for more details: amanda.pettey@farnhammaltings.com

Session at the Museum (half day / 2 hours)

  • Dress up as a Saxon child
  • Take the role of an archaeologist and excavate a Saxon burial
  • Find our about Saxon weaponry
  • Handle and explore Saxon objects

Cost: £3.00 per child. Minimum charge for class £90

Please note that for half day visits there is an additional charge of £20 if you wish to hire the Garden Gallery for lunch. Please inform us when you make your booking. You are welcome to visit the rest of the Museum in the afternoon provided that the children are in groups of no larger than 8 per adult.