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In July 2014, local archaeologists of the Surrey Archaeological Society and Farnham Museum organised a community archaeology project for the Farnham area to bring awareness and appreciation of archaeology to members of the public, and further explore the nature and degree of Farnham’s history and heritage. This was achieved through a series of test pit excavations around select areas of the town centre, as well as a broad outreach programme of workshops, exhibitions and open days.

The aim was to incorporate two types of audience throughout the month of July: school groups/young people in the week and generally interested residents of the area on weekends. Therefore, activities were offered which introduce basic concepts via hands-on test pitting and open days, as well as opportunities to further more advanced skills and on-going research to eager residents through day courses and seminars.

Most importantly the project helped Farnham people of all ages share their passion for heritage, and the level of interest convinced us that we should endeavor to make this a yearly event.

Watch this space for more information on Finding Farnham 2016



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This project is the result of generous donations from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Farnham Trust, Farnham Town Council, Surrey Archaeological Society and the Farnham & District Museum Society, hours of work from dedicated volunteers and educators, and kind assistance from local residents.