Community Board Member

Voluntary role
Start date
March 2022
Closing date
Mon 31 January 2022

Job Description

Are you interested in contributing to a conversation about the what the Maltings does, what events we put on, who we work with and how we organise ourselves?

If the answer is yes, then you may be interested in a new idea for us to informally meet and talk as a Farnham Maltings Community Board Member.

We are setting up this new group as a way of ensuring that everything we do is relevant and useful to as many people as possible and that it reaches every part of our community.

We are hoping to bring together a small group of 8 members, of all ages from 16 to 106, to create a Community Board. The group would converse about events and work produced by both Farnham Maltings and the Museum of Farnham. This is a voluntary role which has an ambition to make us more open and connected to our community. The idea it that we will meet 4 times a year and that 2 people from the group will contribute to the Farnham Maltings Board of Trustees.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming involved, please contact the Community Engagement Team by 31 January 2022 telling us about who you are and why you are interested:

Emma Jones, Community Producer
Erin Beesley, Community Organiser

We will be aiming to start community board meetings in March 2022.