• Start: Thursday 02 May - 10:00

This is a hired event.

Weekly workshops to get your creativity flowing.

These friendly and interactive workshops are for anyone who wishes to hone their skills. If you only write a journal and would like to explore your interest in writing OR take your writing a bit further.

Workshop 1: ‘The Right to Write’ and ‘Morning Pages’ – how to start writing and keep writing. We’ll also explore the myth of ‘good writing’.

Workshop 2: Writing powerful and original description through our senses – Looking at ‘memory’ through our five senses produces original and descriptive imagery for the writer and audience. Pablo Neruda gives us his own memory to work with here.

Workshop 3: Choosing a setting and power relationships with ‘place’ the place in which we decide to set a scene or story is usually central and relevant to the story. Lewis Carroll offers insight in the third week.

Workshop 4: Writing with intensity – techniques to build drama and tension in writing. Transform your writing. We’ll draw inspiration from narrative, poetry and song-writing

Workshop 5: The importance of knowing your character. We will focus on getting inside our characters’ head. We will become our characters in this workshop – to get a sense of how it feels to be someone else.

Workshop 6: Using ‘good conflict’ to propel your story forward. How can we achieve this in our writing? A powerful extract from the writer, Vincent Draper, will guide us through these agitated waters.

Cost of attending the 6-week course is £81 (including a 10% discount).

Workshop duration: 90mins

Please contact Charlotte at wordsmith.cs@gmail.com if you’re interested in attending/booking these creative writing workshops.