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  • Start: Sunday 09 October - 10:00
  • Estimated End: Sunday 09 October - 13:00
  • Rating: 16+
  • Auditorium: Dance Studio (Tannery)

£30 (or £36 all day ticket and entry to Films: Yarn & Rams and Talk: Emma Boyles, Little Grey Sheep )

How can you create gorgeous colour combinations – with confidence? How can you pull together a collection of scraps into one project? What colours will go with that impulse-buy skein?

Louise’s workshop will help you answer all these questions and more. We will go beyond the colour wheel and discover the factors that influence how colours work together. With wool in so many of our yarns, and available in so many hues, we will celebrate Wool Week with a look at how fibre-type influences colour.

Bring in your yarns and we will explore ideas for colour combinations. You will learn effective strategies for putting groups of colours together, whether for complex colourwork or simple stripes.

Suitable for intermediate knitters and above.

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