unravel... autumn: Virtual Embroidering Your Knits

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This virtual workshop (held via Zoom) takes you through putting the design onto your knit and stitching the floral design onto the knit of your choice. With step-by-step guidance on how to do every single stitch used in this design, you can follow along at home in real time. It's easier than you might think!

You will need:

  • A knit in a smoother texture- stockinette, ribbing, etc. (the darker the knit fabric especially grey, black, navy, the more important a bright light will be to see the design on the stabilizer once it is peeled off the packing and applied to the fabric.
  • 60 cm length of embroidery floss in the following DMC (or equivalent, or a palette of your choice) colours: • Ecru/001 - 5 lengths • 3820- 3 lengths • 833 - 2 lengths • 471 - 3 lengths • 501 - 2 lengths • 152 - 2 lengths • 3726 - 5 lengths
  • A pre-cut template (this will be sent out to you ahead of the workshop) it must be printed on dissolvable stitch stabilizer (you can get buy this at most craft stores, and also here on Amazon)