unravel: Colour Blending with Hand Carders and Spinning Techniques

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Three rounds of wool next to a collection of sticks  with wool wrapped around them and a selection of colourful squares.

This workshop explores different colour blending techniques, either while spinning or with hand carders, so you can see how choices you make influence the final outcome of colour in your yarns and projects. It will help you anticipant and achieve the colour combinations you want rather than making mud.

Level of Experience: Advanced beginner

Prerequisites: Able to spin a continuous yarn and familiar with plying

What do participants need to bring:
Yarn making tool: (working spinning wheel, electric spinner, or drop spindle)
Spinning wheel oil (for spinning wheels and electric spinners)
1 empty bobbin with leader
Hand carders
10 grams yellow fiber (medium wool like BFL or Corriedale would work well)
10 grams blue fiber

Handout (you can download this once you have booked the workshop)