Unravel: The Good, The Bad and The Pooling

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A discussion of the fun and challenges of working with hand-painted yarns. I review different types of hand-painted colorways, and with help of lots of photos, explain how figure out what a yarn will look like knitted up. I’ll provide guidance on how to best apply different types of colorways for the most attractive results. Along the way I tell stories about the best, the worst, and the most surprising skeins of variegated yarns I’ve bought, and I encourage the audience to show off interesting, challenging and problematic skeins so we can figure them out!

Tutor: Kate Atherley

Kate has been teaching knitting professionally for more than 15 years at stores and events all over Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Her latest book, Custom-Fit Hats is her ninth, and the fourth in a series on customizing projects for perfect fit and style; it joins works on shawls, socks, and mittens. Her focus in all her work is the empowerment of knitters, illuminating both the methods and mechanics of the craft. The combination of her university degree in mathematics, professional experience in software development and usability, and training in garment and fashion design give her a unique perspective. She also works as a technical editor, helping other designers and authors bring their work into the world. She lives in Toronto with her husband and the family of skunks under their porch.

To learn more about Kate visit her website kateatherley.com