Unravel: Recolouring a Stranded Colourwork Design

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Sunsets & Sheep: recolouring a stranded colourwork design. This workshop builds confidence around changing the colours of a stranded colourwork design. We’ll use the Shetland Muse hat as our case study. We will analyse the colours and shading used in this design and use some basic colour theory to explore alternative palettes.

We will not be doing any knitting during this class; this is purely an opportunity to explore colours and to build confidence around reimagining an existing stranded colourwork design in a different set of shades. The class is designed to help participants with playing with, and picking out, shades.


Participants will need to be able to print out the handouts for the class (as we will be drawing on them!) You’ll also need some blank sheets of paper plus a broad selection of colouring pencils or felt-tip pens. Make sure you have the basic primary colours – yellow, blue, red, black and white – plus some additional colours with which to play. If you don’t know where to start with picking out extra pens or pencils with which to play, here are some ideas to help you choose:

1. Look around online to find stranded colourwork designs featuring palettes you really love. Use these to help you pick out a range of 12 – 16 colouring pens or pencils with which to work during the class. Make sure you have a nice mix of lights, darks, and in-between shades.

2. Look at the colours you generally like to wear and to knit with; use these as a starting point and pick out a collection of lights, darks and in-between shades, to help you experiment with recolouring stranded colourwork designs.

Tutor: Felicity (Felix) Ford.
Felix is a practicing artist and creative instructor. She primarily works with knitting and sound - hence KNITSONIK – and is known for her innovative approach to translating everyday inspirations into stranded colourwork. From her work on soundart commissions for museums like The Wellcome Library and the Charles Dickens Museum, to her self-published knitting books on translating everyday life into stranded colourwork, Felix's creative practice is, at its heart, about creatively uplifting our ordinary, everyday lives. Teaching is one of Felix’s favourite things, and in her teaching work, she shares her tools and ideas in an atmosphere of playfulness, generosity and joy.

To learn more about Felix visit her website www.knitsonik.com