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A man with red hair looks playfully confused while looking into a rotary phone, sat at a desk.

Tweedy - the comedy and slapstick legend and star of Gifford’s Circus, Cirque Berserk and the Cheltenham Everyman pantomime!

A comedy about a clown who decides to follow government guidelines to retrain; so gets a real job.

Not knowing who he is anymore, Tweedy gets a job in a Lost Property Office to try and find himself.

The consequences of attempting to run the office are hilarious - the lost property in his possession seem to develop lives of their own and allied with his own body rebelling against him he is constantly prevented from answering the ringing telephone.

In this one man, family show, Tweedy illustrates an impressive repertoire of comedic talents which have made him one of the most respected and popular clowns the country currently has to offer.

No matter what he does, Tweedy seems to get into a mess, but to the delight of audiences of all ages he can always find a creative way to get out of it. Tweedy will never get too big for his pants, his pants will always be too big for him.

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"Tweedy's act was timed to perfection, innovative, wonderfully visual and very, very funny"

The Stage

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"The best clown I have ever seen."

The Independent