Thread 2022: A-Z Embroidery Workshop

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A photo of a lady doing embroidery in a hoop

This two-hour workshop includes the A-Z Embroidery linen sampler, the introduction to the alphabet of embroidery stitches and a complete instruction booklet. Each letter of the alphabet has its own individual stitch to practice. Along with the A-Z instruction booklet you will explore the vocabulary of embroidery to make your own unique linen sampler.

Learn and practice six embroidery stitches and be introduced to the complete alphabet of stitches. Discover the benefits of slow stitching as a form of de-stressing as antidote to modern life. Explore the wealth of embroidery stitches creating together to celebrate the art of needlework. Be inspired by the Stitch-School archive of embroidery books and samplers. Become part of the Stitch-School community ready to share skills and the benefits of embroidery.

No experience necessary