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  • Start: Tuesday 22 November - 19:30
  • Estimated End: Tuesday 22 November - 21:00
  • Rating: 12+
  • Auditorium: Tindle Studio

Admission: £12, £10 conc.

Tree House is a story of love and dreams, promises and betrayals, hope and redemption, shot through with warmth, humour and compassion.

It relates the fortunes of three people – Robbie, Jane and Alan – whom we first encounter as children playing in a tree house on a piece of waste ground on the edge of a village. We then follow each of them as they navigate their way along the different rungs of the social and property ladder: Jane goes into law, politics and the media; Alan pursues a career in property, finance and the City; while Robbie joins the Army, carries out a number of tours of duty in Afghanistan, defusing roadside bombs, where a spontaneous act of kindness leads to a sudden and unexpected tragedy.

Some years later fate conspires to bring all three back to the waste ground, back to the tree house, where old scores are settled in a final act of reckoning.

A story for our times. A play for today.

Responses to Tree House:
“… looks at life’s moving parts through a watchmaker’s loupe. Shows how the tiniest elements can affect the whole mechanism, meshing apparently disparate details, making them not just tick, but unexpectedly chime.”
Quentin Cooper, broadcaster and journalist, former presenter of BBC Radio 4’s The Material World

“Gripping and poignant.”
Kate Wood, Artistic Director, Activate

“Evokes fundamental questions of now, who we are and where we are inside ourselves…”
Mark Bruce, winner of Sky Arts/South Bank Award 2014