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  • Start: Friday 09 February - 20:00
  • Estimated End: Friday 09 February - 21:00
  • Rating: 16+
  • Auditorium: Cellar Bar

£12 (£10 conc.)

Members £9 if booked before 20 January

Pre-show dining + ticket £20.50 (£18.50)

Written by an anonymous woman

Performed by an unprepared man

A funny and frank insight into heterosexual female desire, read out loud by a man.

“So I think it’s fair to say that most women almost definitely do masturbate. We just wait to discuss it until we’re in an oddly anonymous but public situation like this one.”

MANWATCHING begins with a male comedian being given a script they have never seen before. They read the script out loud, sight unseen, in front of an audience. This is a show about what one woman thinks about when she thinks about sex with men.

“This is a rare voice – despite the male body delivering it – that deserves to be heard.”

****  The Telegraph

**** The Stage

**** Exeunt

**** Beyond the Joke

A Royal Court commission, premiered at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre Upstairs

Directed by Lucy Morrison

With Dramaturgical Input from Mona James, Ryan Nobel, Grog Dibson, Juicy Morrison, Vixen LeatherRock, and Sara Aubergine*

*These are all pseudonyms chosen by the dramaturgical consultants or by the author.