The Syrian Baker

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Young Syrian Boy with flatbreads piled on his head

A Farnham Maltings production

With almost 5% of the world’s population on the move, desperate to get away from trouble, this is a story of those who have decided to go home despite the state of their country. This show is a human story about coming home, knowing where you belong and how small actions can make a big difference in one’s life and in re-building a community. It is a piece about humanity, hope and courage.

Told with affection, irrepressible humour and bread - because without bread nothing else will happen - this is about how we all have so much more in common than we realise.

From the company that brought you Brilliance and The Iranian Feast, Farnham Maltings has created a play about the world for village halls.

Written by Kevin Dyer and Directed by Gavin Stride.

Awarded ‘Play of the Year’ at the Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards.

Audience quotes/reviews from past Farnham Maltings shows:

4 Stars

“Very wise, very funny – and feels utterly authentic”

Time Out for Jess & Joe Forever

0 Stars

“Theatre at its very best. It was entertaining and riveting and so thought provoking.”

An audience member for Brave Folk (2018)