The Syrian Baker

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Young Syrian Boy with flatbreads piled on his head

A Farnham Maltings production

With almost 5% of the world’s population on the move, desperate to get away from trouble, this is a story of those who have decided to go home despite the state of their country. This show is a human story about coming home, knowing where you belong and how small actions can make a big difference in one’s life and in re-building a community. It is a piece about humanity, hope and courage.

Told with affection, irrepressible humour and bread - because without bread nothing else will happen - this is about how we all have so much more in common than we realise.

From the company that brought you Brilliance and The Iranian Feast, Farnham Maltings has created a new play about the world for village halls.

Written by Kevin Dyer and Directed by Gavin Stride

Audience quotes/reviews from past Farnham Maltings shows:

4 Stars

“Very wise, very funny – and feels utterly authentic”

Time Out for Jess & Joe Forever

0 Stars

“Theatre at its very best. It was entertaining and riveting and so thought provoking.”

An audience member for Brave Folk (2018)