The Enchanted Cinema: The Red Turtle

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We're delighted to welcome back The Cabinet of Living Cinema with their unique participatory live cinema events.

Live cinema performers Gareth Wilkins (harp, piano, aquaphone) and Kieron Chissik (guitar, viola) invite you to watch Studio Ghibli’s 'The Red Turtle' with live music.

Alongside this, you will be invited to create the sound of an island forest, scuttling beach creatures and seabirds in a workshop inspired by the film.

0 Stars

"Thanks so much for a truly amazing show - I absolutely love what you do. It’s just so unique and in a world of CGI and flashy 3D animation, the beautiful, textual, thought provoking world you opened the children up to was very special and memorable."

Róisín, audience member

5 Stars

"This wordless animated fable follows the fortunes of a shipwrecked man on an island – and it’s a masterpiece."

The Guardian

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about The Cabinet of Living Cinema

The Cabinet of Living Cinema is an organisation dedicated to providing participatory live cinema events which explore the heritage of film, literature, fine art, poetry and the heritage of landscape, which provides an environment for musicians, illustrators and filmmakers to collaborate, develop their skills and experiment. Find out more on their website.

image credit: Steven Fisher