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  • Start: Friday 19 October - 19:30
  • Auditorium: Great Hall

This is a hired event

A lively and entertaining exploration of how the brain negotiates the complex task of talking.

You may have seen neuroscientist Professor Sophie Scott , among the world’s foremost experts on speech and the brain, presenting her spellbinding Royal Institution lectures to young people on BBC4 last Christmas.  In her unique effervescent style she joins forces with local actor and impressionist Duncan Wisbey of Radio 4’s Dead Ringers to explore how the brain negotiates the complex task of talking.  Part of Professor Sophie’s research has been concerned with helping stroke patients recover their speech.  By observing how impressionists use their brains to learn to mimic people she hoped to be able to help therapists develop new techniques for patients with communication problems.  This led to several highly entertaining and informative public performances in a London theatre and a full-page article in The Times.   


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