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  • Start: Saturday 08 October - 20:30
  • Estimated End: Saturday 08 October - 21:30
  • Rating: 13+
  • Auditorium: Farnham Leisure Centre

Admission: £6.30 (For tickets please call Farnham Leisure Centre on 01252 723208)

A couple enter the squash court – it’s their first date in years.
A lifeguard twiddles his thumbs as he dreams of being a real hero.
A crammed aerobics class slides into slow motion; their thoughts tumbling out as they watch their bodies in the unforgiving mirror that surrounds them.

TAKE ON ME is a new show set amongst the 1980s world of headbands and legwarmers that digs below the surface of the luminous colours and fitness fads. In Farnham Leisure Centre you’ll be led in small groups through the pool, changing rooms, gym and beyond to hear the inner voices of characters striving for a better version of themselves. Performed by professional actors with a local cast and set to live acoustic versions of 80s pop hits, TAKE ON ME will be an intimate and comical experience. You’ll never look at leisure centres in quite the same way again.

Dante or Die have spent the last decade taking audiences on journeys around places you wouldn’t expect to find a performances, including self-storage buildings, underground car parks and hotel rooms.

The show is created by celebrated theatre company Dante or Die, the winners of Arts Partnership Surrey & Farnham Maltings ‘Not for the Likes of Me’ commission. It will be touring leisure centres in Surrey throughout September and October.

London Evening Standard on I Do: “a funny, clever, touching and satisfying show.”

Age suitability 13+